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Penny Gum Baby started at the swimming pool on my maternity leave after having my second baby boy (two under two…I’m brave).

SOOO many of my friends have children; mostly toddlers and babies, and we were all so frustrated at the lack of a decent eco-friendly swim nappy. Not the disposable ones that don’t last very long and aren’t tremendously good for the environment, and not ones that have to be pulled down either, because who wants to deal with that when a baby is wet and has made a number 2?? So, after a quick google search, I realized that there were so many options elsewhere in the world and ta-daa… a gap in the market.

I had wanted to start my own business for a while, not wanting to go back to teaching full time and miss out on things like my boys’ first sports day or sing along at school. I had been going around and around in circles in my mind for ages and had finally come up with an idea. And that is where Penny Gum Baby was born. The more research I did, the more amazing products I found that I wish I’d had when my first baby was born.

I found an incredible swim nappy made making use of the new miracle fabric Tencel, and also clothe nappies (which I had always wanted to try but the fear had held me back). I found incredible alternatives for teethers and an amazing factory to manufacture my very own organic baby clothing line that are super geared towards mom workers; even having a day care on site, fair wages, and normal working hours so moms can spend time with their families. All these things exist and are only getting more and more available to moms nowadays. Its an exciting time we live in.

I have always tried to lead a healthy and environmentally conscious existence, but with just a little google search I have officially become a Tree hugger… Viva the environment!!!


Penny Gum Baby


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